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Ducey 5


Thomas Richard Ducey
West Traffic Division

Born: July 19, 1978 | EOW: March 31, 2006

Husband of Cherissa and father of Aiden. Son of Chris, Stan, Sharon and Darlene. Brother of Brian, Danny, Evan, Tony, Janelle, Monique and Kiseki. Grandson, nephew, cousin, in-law, friend and partner. He is loved by all and will be deeply missed.

Tom was born July 19, 1978 in Richland located in Eastern Washington State. Shortly after birth Tom moved to Bellevue, WA a suburb of Seattle where he would spend most of his childhood.

Tom was the ham of the family with his funny facial expressions. He would tell funny stories that would make you laugh so hard you would cry. He had many names like T, Little T, Tommo, Tom.

During the early years of his life, Tom played little league with his lifetime friend Dave and was on the all-star team. Tom was also a cub scout.

Tom enjoyed many activities including repelling, camping, skydiving, golf, shooting big guns, riding his motorcycle and scuba diving. After graduating form high school Tom moved down to southern California where he spent most of his adult life.

He graduated from the College of Oceaneering in Los Angeles earning a technical degree in under water welding. He also graduated class 08-2002 from the Los Angeles Police Academy on these grounds as top recruit of his class. He is a unique individual that represents the core of a truly caring person, who put his life on the line everyday in order to make a difference.

Tom and Cherisse the love of his life married November 21 2004 in Las Vegas. They bought a home in Palmdale CA. Aiden was Born October 28 2005.

Tom became quite the handyman. He tackled the huge job of painting the inside of his entire house, building a rock retaining wall and patio trellis in his back yard. He was proud of the fact that he installed several ceiling fans and track lighting without shocking himself or tearing the ceiling.

Each of us will recall the parts of our life that we shared with Tom; he touched the hearts of many.

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