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Our Heroes

The L.A.P.D. Family Support Group recognizes
that every one of our officers are HEROES.

It’s NOT how they died that is held in our highest tribute,
it’s how they honorably LIVED their lives as POLICE OFFICERS…

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Vu Bui, Van Nuys Division
EOW: December 6, 2005

Husband of Terry.


Fr. Dave Boswer, Rampart
EOW: April 12, 2008

Husband of Mary Ann.


Walter Boyle, Foothill Division
EOW: July 23, 2010

Husband to Linda and Father to Keira. He was a kind and gentle person who was always there to help. He is best remembered for his boyish charm and ability to make people laugh. He is missed and loved by all and will be forever in our hearts.

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Terry Cammack, Central Division
EOW: December 12, 2006

Husband of Sandy.


Robert Carreon, Notheast Narcotics Division
EOW: April 12, 1984

Husband of Carol.


James Joseph Cerniglia, North East Division
EOW: September 9, 2006

Husband of Kathy.


Charles R Champe, Air Support Division - On Duty
EOW: June 13, 1991

Husband of Sue. "I am not sure the people really recognize the contributions that officers like these make to the peace, safety, and good order of this city," said Gates.


Eddie Clark, Hollywood
EOW: May 1, 1991

Husband of Christine.


Bill Clements, North East Division
EOW: August 9, 2005

Husband of Elizabeth.


Kevin Congo, Personnel
EOW: December 30, 2005

Husband of Leticia.


Hector Corral, Valley Traffic
EOW: October 14, 2005

Husband of Norma.


Filberto Cuesta, Jr., South West Division - In the Line of Duty
EOW: August 9, 1998

Husband of Sylvia.


Bob Cuipa, Air Support Division
EOW: January 21, 1990

Husband of Wendy.


John Kester Cundiff, Newton
DOB February 6, 1970 / Appointed March 21, 1994 /
EOW December 13, 1998

Loved by wife Maryjane and daughter Caroline, parents Walter and Sally, brother Tony, and sisters Teresa, Mary, Dorothy, Kathy and Elizabeth


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Ross Dedrick, 77th Division
EOW: December 11, 1987

Husband of Ellen.


Spree Desha, LAPD headquarters - On Duty
EOW: September 12, 2008

Missed, loved and cherished
by her domestic partner, Laura Gerritsen.


Landon Dorris, North East Division - On Duty
EOW: October 22, 2006

Husband of Marisabel.


Thomas Richard Ducey, West Traffic Division
DOB: July 19, 1978 | EOW: March 31, 2006

Husband of Cherissa and father of Aiden. Son of Chris, Stan, Sharon and Darlene. Brother of Brian, Danny, Evan, Tony, Janelle, Monique and Kiseki. Grandson, nephew, cousin, in-law, friend and partner. He is loved by all and will be deeply missed.

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Chris Eilers, South Traffic Division
DOB: September 4, 1981 | EOW: September 12, 2011

Husband of Sarah, Son of David and Maggie, brother of Michael, uncle of Joey, Angela and Emily Eilers. He had a compassionate spirit with a soul of gold.


Bill Euge, South Traffic Division
EOW: September 14, 1997

Husband of Jane.


Jack Evans, Valley Traffic Division - On Duty
EOW: October 22, 1983

Husband of Linda.

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Dennis Frealy, Robbery Homicide Division
EOW: June 16, 1993

Husband of Penny and loving father of Todd and Sarah. He was the love of our lives and is greatly missed by family and friends.


Jose Flores, -
EOW: September 25, 2007


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Steve G. Gajda, Hollenbeck Division - On Duty
EOW: January 1, 1998

Husband of Belinda.


Marcos Granillo, Hollywood Division
EOW: March 19, 2007

Husband of Patty.


Richard Grant, Southeast Division
EOW: May 14, 1986

Husband of Blondelle.

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Richard Haldi, Airport Narcotics Division
EOW: October 28, 1983

Husband of Gina.


Al Harden, Newton Division
EOW: July 10, 1998

Husband of Donna; father to Mike and Jerry; son of Merritt and Aileen and brother to Steve and Duane; Grandfather to Alexandria, Jordan & Mickelle.  Son, brother, husband, father, grandfather, partner and friend.  His smile and laughter will be in our hearts forever.


James Harrison, Personnel Division
EOW: October 24, 1981

Husband of Carol.


J.R. (Ray) Hernandez, Scientific Investigation Division
EOW: June 21, 2003

Husband of Marijo Johnson.


David Hofmeyer, Central Division
EOW: December 12, 1988

Husband of Lynn.

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Van Derek Johnson, West Traffic Division
EOW: February 5, 1997

Husband of Felicia.


Leonard "Johnny" Johnson
EOW: November 30, 1988

Husband of Darlene.

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Mitch Kato, Asian Task Force
EOW: May 12, 1994

Husband of Taz.


John Kostyo, Harbor Divison
EOW: March 4, 2007

Husband of Sylvia.

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Danny Labrada, DHD
EOW: September 7, 2006

Husband of Christine.


John Lawler, South Traffic Division - On Duty
EOW: July 9, 1973

Husband of Sharon.


Ken Lefever, Central Division
EOW: August 15, 2003

Husband of Susan.


Jeff Lindenberg, Air Support - On Duty
EOW: June 1976

Husband of Lesa.


Ricardo Lizarraga, Newton Division - On Duty
EOW: February 20, 2004

Husband of Joyce.


Dante Anthony Lodolo, Personnel
EOW: June 9, 1987

Husband of Mary Ellen.

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Robert J. Mata, Harbor Division Special Enforcement Unit - On Duty
EOW: September 19, 2000

Husband of Holly.


Terrie McCaleb, -
EOW: March 6, 2008

Wife of Mark.


Arleigh McCree, Bomb Squad - In the Line of Duty
EOW: February 8, 1986

Husband of Edie.


George McMaryion, Juvenile Court Division
EOW: March 31, 1998

Husband of Rosemary.


Sonny Medina, Hollywood Division
EOW: February 15, 2000

Husband of Leslie, father of Rachel and Devon. Son of Israel "Easy" Medina and Madeline Martinez. Brother of Leanne, Terri, Vickie, Eric, and Jason. Always a hero on the job and at home. Never forgotten by anyone who ever had the pleasure of knowing him.


Melissa Munson, Sergeant North Hollywood
EOW: May 6, 2007

Beloved Wife of Dean Munson. Beloved Mother of Kris Munson, Draken Munson, Carl Munson and Sigrid Munson. Beloved Sister of Dan Pearson, Susan Pearson, Dineen Lee, Sandra Short, Norm Pearson and Kathleen Reynolds. She touched the lives of everyone she knew and is deeply missed by all.

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Mario Navidad, Wilshire Division - On Duty
EOW: December 22, 1996

Husband of Sandra.


Ryan Norman, Central Division
EOW: May 23, 2004

Husband of Tiffany.


Joe Northey, Juvenile Division
EOW: May 20, 1989

Husband of Sue.

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Wayne Oatis, Air Support
EOW: February 11, 2007

Husband of Cindy.


Moni Ouahdi, -
EOW: August 12,2007

Wife of Joseph.

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Ernie Paderez, Air Support Division
EOW: April 7, 1990

Husband of Sylvia.


Robert Poole, Pacific Area
EOW: March 25, 2006

Husband of Suzie, father of Alexis and Matthew.


Daniel Pratt, 77th Division - On Duty
EOW: September 3, 1988

Husband of Andria.


Vance Proctor, West LA
EOW: April 27, 2005

Husband of Andria.

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David Ralph, West Valley
EOW: August 12, 2005

Husband of Jasbir.


Jesus "Jesse" Ravega, Foothill
DOB: December 19, 1962 | EOW: September 2, 2011

Husband of Jeannette, father of Joshua, Hennes and Julia, son of Antonia, brother of Blanca, Marco, Genaro, Ruben, Bobby and Fernando. Known for his kindness and his helpful nature.


Raul Reyna, Force Investigation Division
EOW: March 19, 2006

Husband of Terry.


Joe Rios, Hollywood Division - On Duty
EOW: January 20, 1993

Husband of Irma.


Teri Robinson, Pacific
EOW: January 11, 2008

Husband of Dana.

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Nick Salicos, Scientific Investigations Division
EOW: May 27, 2002

Husband of Patricia.


Randal Simmons, Metro / Swat
EOW: February 7, 2008

Husband of Lisa.


Israel Sanchez, Devonshire Division
EOW: November 6, 2003

Husband of Sandra.


George Michael Selleh, Mission
EOW: July 28, 2007

Husband of Barbara.


Randal Simmons, Metro / Swat - Line of Duty
EOW: February 7, 2008

Husband of Lisa.


Tony Stavropoulas, Narcotics Divison
EOW: September 16, 2002

Husband of Peggy.

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James D. Tatreau, Detective Bureau
EOW: April 29, 2007

Husband of Tammy.


Dennis Taylor, Devonshire
EOW: May 6, 2006

Husband of Sharon.


Carlo T. Torres, Central Traffic
EOW: May 11, 2008

Husband of Deana.

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Pablo Vitar, Hollywood
EOW: January 29, 2008

Husband of Gail.


Andy Voge, West LA Division
EOW: September 27, 1998

Husband of Lisa.

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Rueben Whittington, DSD
EOW: April 15, 2004

Husband of Cathy.


Ray Wicks, North Hollywood Division
EOW: October 27, 1997

Husband of Elaine.


Carl E. Williams, Wilshire Area
EOW: January 9, 2007

Husband of Jo Ann.


Samuel Williams, Jr., South West
EOW: February 19, 2008

Husband of Dayna.


Jeff Wilson, South West
EOW: November 13, 2002

Husband of Patricia.


Charles Wright, South West
EOW: February 20, 1990

Husband of Emma.

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Robert Young, Central
EOW: January 23, 2006

Husband of Sharlene.

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