Please join us in honoring your hero

on the LAPD Family Support Group online memorial. The following information will be needed to complete your heroes section. Contact Marijo or Cherissa if you have any questions.

Email the following 3 sections to
Write in subject line: FSG HERO / OFFICERS LAST NAME

1) MAIN HEROES PAGE: (sample:
This is the first bit of text and small portrait for the alphabetical listing of heroes. Please include the following info in the body of your email:

• Names of immediate family and their relation
or a statement about your loved one
or a poem or anything else you'd like.

Thomas Richard Ducey, West Traffic Division
DOB: July 19, 1978 | EOW: March 31, 2006

Husband of Cherissa, Father of Aiden, Son of Chris, Stan, Sharon and Darlene, Brother of Brian, Danny, Evan, Tony, Janelle, Monique and Kiseki, Grandson, Nephew, cousin, in-law, friend and partner. He is loved by all and will be deeply missed.

2) YOUR HEROES PAGE: (sample:
This is the page for photos and full bio or ANYTHING you'd like to say about your hero.

• 1 (vertical) headshot
• 1-4 additional family photos

Format: jpg, gif, tiff, or pic are all ok, I will optimize for web so don’t worry about your file size. If your files are larger than 2MB each, do not send more than 1 at a time. Probably best to keep each email under 3MB max.
If you can, please rename your files before you attach with OFFICERS LAST NAME and a number indicating order you’d prefer they are shown.

Example: "ducey1.jpg, ducey2.jpg”…

If you don’t have the means to email, mail COPIES of your pictures and the info above to Cherissa or bring to Marijo at the next FSG meeting. Please specify if you’d like the copies returned. Please contact Marijo Johnson or email me to request mailing address.